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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Go Right at 501 Mission Place

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Today marks a milestone for Webconsuls' blog. Yes, today when I hit the "publish post" button you will be able to read our 501st blog post! Ironically today I want to introduce you to a new on-line community 501 Mission Place

Over the past year I have written a lot about my on-line friend Chris Brogan. I try to learn from Chris and I like to share what I learn with our clients and our readers. Yesterday Chris Brogan unveiled his latest project: 501 Mission Place. Chris said it best:
"I’m so very pleased to announce the launch of our first Human Business Works community and education project, 501 Mission Place. This community is geared towards non-profits and charities looking to improve their efforts. From fundraising to the use of new marketing tools to in-depth interviews with the people out there on the front lines doing successful things to grow their non-profits and charity projects, the goal is to give you the tools you need to thrive in this ever-changing economic situation, where funds are drying up at the exact moment that you need them most."
Let's face it; we are all touched by not-for-profit 501c organizations. Whether you serve on a board, work behind the scenes as a volunteer, or benefit from their continued and varied efforts - eventually not-for-profit 501c organizations impact our lives.

If you have been fortunate enough to be intimately involved with a not-for-profit 501c organization, then you know how often you might ask: "What would be the best way to manage our fundraising?"  It could be you have a new board, a young board, a tired board, needs that outweigh your current means, new regulations - the list goes on.  How great would it be to know you have an on-line community with experts at the helm and fellow on-line community members who have a wealth of experience?

Do you know a not-for-profit 501c organization that could benefit from 501 Mission Place?  I know I do and today I am going to personally reach out to our not-for-profit 501c clients and encourage them to visit 501 Mission Place. 

What will you do?

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  1. judy, thanks for bringing us into the loop on 501 mission place. my husband has applied for the position of executive director of a non-profit. he would be fantastic in such a role and this site would be invaluable for him. good stuff!

  2. Jorja,
    I am glad you found this post. I think it is a great resource and if you go to 501 Mission Place is for Non-Profits and Charities you can see more about how it works inside!


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