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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What I Learned from Julie and Julia

Exactly two months ago I wrote a blog about Twitter and the things that I learn from Tweets. That day I made the following observation:
"Here is some other interesting news I picked up by following Rick Klau. On March 11th Blogger announced a new Blogger Template designer. The reviews so far have been very exciting. I am thinking of trying it to create a new personal blog. What do you think of that idea?"
Guess what? Not one of my Webconsuls' readers offered any feedback about me creating a personal blog.

Quite unexpectedly on June 5th, I watched the movie Julie and Julia. Have you seen the movie? What I love is that it tells a true story and allows us to eavesdrop on the lives of two couples from different generations struggling with identity and goals.  And of course, it also tells a successful story of a BLOG.  So, as the movie closed, the wheels were spinning in my head. On Sunday June 6th I joined in a #blogchat and the rest is history.

I invite you to visit Judy's OP-ED blog, particularly the About Judy's OP-ED page where you learn how #blogchat influenced my decision.

But today I would like our clients to mull over these facts:
  • Webconsuls has many clients and a good number of these clients have great blogs. These blogs have been customized to match their websites. They actively post interesting news about their business or their industry. You can see these clients on our Blogroll (in the left margin.)
  • Many of our clients look for guidance about blogging, both technical and creative guidance 
  • Creating a personal blog can serve as a training ground for your business blog, allowing you to get comfortable with the software, adding images, videos, links, etc.
  • A personal blog can be a virtual family scrapbook. You can 'turn the lens on your family', involve other family members to participate with comments, be guest bloggers, etc. 
  • You can keep your personal blog private, only share it with designated readers. 
I want you to know that I built my personal blog by myself. I was tempted to call Malik Moosa-Soomar, but I felt strongely that I needed to learn how to do this by flying solo. 

Now I hope you will read it, ask questions, post comments, and join in the fun.

And here for today's fun is a trailer for Julie and Julia. 


  1. Daniel,
    Thanks for reading my post. I did it! And don't forget to watch the movie when you can...it has a lot of great history in it. Just a couple of months ago, Dennis(Dad-Amherst '68) and I went to an Amherst College Alumni gathering here in Tucson. We were meeting at the Art Institute of Tucson, where they have a culinary training program. One of the Amhersts alums talked about how their next-door neighbors in Santa Barbara had been Paul and Julia Childs. They talked about the wonderful meals they shared together.
    Wonderful history...

  2. Great post, we should send this post to clients that do not have a blog yet, a personal blog might be just what they need to get started with a business blog.

    I haven't seen the movie yet but I'm sure I'll be forced to seeing it soon. I'm glad you went solo on your personal blog. Did a very good job at it too.

  3. Bravo on your blog, Judy. You are a true storyteller and having your own blog to express yourself is a great idea (and I've just subscribed).

  4. Hi John,
    Thanks for coming by to visit. It has been a kitchen kind of week for me. Julie and Julia, Easy-Bake-Ovens, Hornby Island homes, but maybe after all is said and done...most of the time in a kitchen is spent creating and soothing someone's soul, not unlike a lot of blogs!
    I am so happy to know you.


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