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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Will LeapFish compete with Google and other Search Engines?

LeapFish.com is a search engine portal that allows you to search through Google, Yahoo, and MSN (Now known as Bing). Some say that LeapFish might even be competing with Google but I don't believe it can since its main search results are based off of Google's engine.

LeapFish does have some nice features though; it displays the Market Summary, top News, and Latest Videos from Youtube. The interesting thing about the videos is you don't have to hit play, simply place your mouse over the thumbnail and it will begin playing.

The search is nice because you have the ability to compare results from the top three engines and see where your site ranks based on the keywords you enter.

As for advertising on LeapFish you pay for the keywords as would with any other PPC Campaign except you keep the spot until you are willing to sell it. For Example, if you purchase "California Drug Rehab" you hold that spot for every time someone searches that until you want to sell it. It's interesting but not sure if it will last.

LeapFish has also been known for taking their client's money and it's possible those rumors began because of their advertisement slots.

Have you used it? What are your thoughts on this website?

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  1. Yes I use Leapfish for all my searches! It is a spectacular search engine - all the best of the best, in one location - no tab jumping for all your search results - plus additional info down the sidebar (videos, etc). I've also purchased search words from Leapfish - and when considering a marketing budget for any type company or industry, you really can't get a better bang for your buck. The prices are so reasonable and the Leapfish staff (I work with Cathleen Mann ext 767) are so knowledgable and helpful. It is very easy to get what you wnat in the price range you're working in. Highly recommend for all your search engine needs, as well as, marketing! It seems this is the future of online searches. The developers should be applauded for such a fantastic concept! This gives even small to medium businesses a chance to compete with the big boys online.... and make a little extra if and when they sell the search word to someone else. I promote Leapfish to everyone!!!


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