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Friday, August 28, 2009

The iphone Sucks? Who Knew?

This version of the CNet Buzz Report has some interesting tech stories, but I was flabbergasted to hear their ripping of the iphone.  I was taken by this negative slant not because I have one and love it- I'm a Blackberry guy- but because everyone on this blog thinks the device is the second coming.

I have heard the iphone has some amazing apps, which must be true because CNet admits it does, but their take on why the iphone is a loser is interesting-- the phone doesn't work!!!

What are your thoughts on their critique?


  1. The worst thing about the iphone is the phone. I still think its great.

  2. funny. my first iphone was a 3gs so I can't compare it, but I've had no problems with the phone or att. oh well.


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