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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What is Raw Milk?

I am a dairy enthusiast. I will admit it. I adore milk. Full fatted vitamin D enriched milk is what I usually buy. No skim, no 2% I want the real deal. I want rich creamy yumminess.

Recently I have been trying to find new places to buy fresh produce and in my search for local produce found something that everyone seemed to be talking about. Raw milk, not organic, but raw as in straight from the cow.

What I did not realize is the politics of milk. Procuring a cup of unpasterized unhomogenized milk is not as easy as one might expect. I found a shop about 10 miles from me to try out a half gallon of raw milk. In other states you may have to order your milk and have it delivered as state law prohibits its sale in retail stores.

The FDA is very clear on its position on raw milk calling it, "inherently dangerous." Proponents of raw milk claim all kinds of health benefits. Check it out for yourself and come to your own conclusions. Who would have thought that milk could be so very controversial. Check out this video on NPR for more information on raw milk.

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  1. Raw milk is by far the best milk and the only kind worth drinking! Loved the video, Let's Legalize It!


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