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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Seat Guru, your source for airplane seating

When you book a flight, you get the option to chose a seat but how many people actually know what a good seat is compared to a bad seat? For some time, I always thought sitting near the airplane wings would be loud but turns out the end of the plane is louder.

www.seatguru.com lets you select your airlines and the airplane you are traveling on and shows you which seats are good and which are not. They forget to mention that the DC Adapter on some seats is a 2 prong (which was useless for me since my laptop has a 3 prong adapter).

The one thing this site does not have which I was told had is seating for infants. I personally do not like to be seated near infants primarily because they get cranky and loud so your flight for 3 hours (or however many hours) will be of a baby crying.

Check it out, was it helpful for you?
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