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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Cooking, quick and easy, when you get down to it

I hate to take out my own food and am very lazy when it comes to it. I love to eat but find it a big waste of time to prepare it, cook it, eat it, and then clean up. I just don't find it being productive really.

Last night, my wife (still getting use to calling her that) and I went grocery shopping for ingredients to make tacos. I help clean up the house and she feeds me, that's our deal. =) So last night after we got home from the grocery store Zaheen started emptying out the bags. I was really hungry so I decided to give her a helping hand in the kitchen thinking it would get the food prepared faster. Zaheen is a vegetarian and I have never cooked meat before so it was a first time for both of us to make ground beef. You would not believe how easy it really is. It literally is as easy as boiling water. After about 30 minutes of preparation (which went by really fast) we had a delicious dinner.

What did we have?
Ground Beef
Spanish Rice
All inside a flour tortilla

mm mmm good


  1. What did Zaheen the vegetarian eat?

  2. Is Zaheen still a vegetarian? I am confused. Did she just cook the meat, but not eat the meat?

  3. I guess I didn't see these comments. The vegetarian ate all of it without the ground beef. She didn't mind preparing it as long as I helped in the process.


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