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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

AT&T Virtual Receptionist Comes To The iPhone

Still waiting for that Google Voice Beta Invite? Are you an iPhone user? Why Wait?

Announcing the new AT&T Virtual Receptionist. It's AT&T's new multi tiered business phone system that comes free with 60 toll-free minutes per month. So download the app and get your own toll free number right now!

And if you ever need more minutes, and who doesn't? You can add more time to your account. There is even an all you can eat package for $25 bux a month.

With AT&T's new Virtual Receptionist you wont be Lampooned, there are no long-term contracts and no hidden fees or surcharges of any kind! And according to AT&T the new Virtual Receptionist App does not change your current AT&T wireless or data plans or rates one dime.

Time to update your signature line with that shiny new toll free number!

Darin R. McClure
Director of Social Media
& Technical Services
darin.r.mcclure@gmail.com (Google Talk)
(949) 370-3069 (My iPhone)
(888) 470-4596 (Toll Free)

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  1. We have a number of clients who use this application for the iPhone. It does an awesome job for being a non-live receptionist.


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