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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weight Loss, Exercise and Smoking.

By now I hope you have started an exercise program and are eating less. If not, get started.

Actually I did not exercise at the gym last week. I had a cold and felt the it was a good idea not to push myself. The first two days working out were tough, we will see how it goes tomorrow.

While exercise and weight loss are probably very very good for most people, the best thing that some can do for their health is to stop smoking. And if you don't smoke, don't start.

I started smoking in college and continued for a few years. The impending birth of my first child was the motivating factor that got me to stop. It was not easy but I did it. I really can not give you many tips on how to stop. I know how tough it is.

Last year my regular barber died of lung cancer. He had smoked for many years but quite about 20 years ago. He was a great guy who really loved his family. I am sure he would have loved to see his grandchildren grow up. His attitude was amazing and he worked as long and as much as he could but lung cancer is a very tough way to go.

Today one of my best friends from college is having two lobes removed from his right lung. He started smoking in high school and continued until a few years ago, so he probably smoked for 40 to 45 years. The doctors have told him that ten years ago the diagnosis would have been fatal. Now they hope that they can get it all. I have no idea how the operation turned out.

While it is hard to stop smoking, it also takes effort to get started. So if don't smoke now, t here is no reason ever start.

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