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Saturday, March 28, 2009


At noon Friday, March 27, 2009, Ticketmaster started selling Phish concert tickets for their August 7 and 8 performances at the Gorge Amphitheatre in George, Washington. I am told this Amphitheatre holds 20,000 guests. However, I was on Ticketmaster at the appointed time and I was not able to buy tickets to this event. It was sold out within seconds. WANTED: 2 PHISH Tickets, The GORGE, August 7 and /or 8, 2009!

The tickets I am trying to buy have a face value of $49.50 each. So for a two people to enjoy a two day concert, the total ticket price should be $198. Current bids on EBay are up to $700! And if you really want to be shocked, go to eBay's latest auction venue StubHub. Do a search for Phish George WA. Unbelievable. So much for technology. Keep in mind Phish cautions all fans as follows: "We urge you not to purchase tickets through brokers or "scalpers." These tickets may be counterfeit in which case you will not only be overcharged but will also likely be denied entry into the show."

You should know the tickets I am trying purchase are for my oldest son, Aaron. Aaron has been a Phish fan for more years than I know and this week he asked if I would try to purchase tickets for him using my Ticketmaster account. The plan was Aaron would be on one computer, I would be on another and two or three of Aaron's friends (in other states) would try from their computers. At the appointed time we were all ready...and 5-10 minutes later we all received Ticketmaster's equivalent to the blue screen of death: "Sorry, no exact matches were found, but other tickets may still be available."

The annoying thing about this screen message is that Ticketmaster seems to want to deliver a hopeful message. They give you about 4-5 reasons why your purchase attempt may have failed, encouraging you to try again.

Today is Saturday and it occurs to me that life may have been a lot easier when technology didn't provide false hope. So I will share two photos with you. Aaron listening to some tunes circa 1982 and Aaron showing off his first fish (Phish) 1984, Nome, Alaska.

In the meantime, let me know what you think about buying tickets through Ticketmaster. And, if by chance, you were lucky and got Phish tickets through Ticketmaster and find you can't use them...leave a comment and I will get back to you.


  1. Same thing happened to me everytime we tried to get tickets so various shows, but this time we had a plan and tried calling ticket master and were able to get two tickets to one night and by some miracle we got through on the Live nation website and got the other two we needed for the second night. Sorry you didn't get any but next time try these and you might get lucky. There is a chance that they might still be releases tickets as credit cards get declined, and for other reasons, so keep checking both ticketmaster, and live nation. You never know they might announce a fall run too.
    Live music blog: http://braddevereaux.blogspot.com

  2. Wish I had some to give you. I did see the other day that some website called "Bamdizzle.com" is auctioning one for each night 8/7 - 8/8. They say they are going to sell them for less than face, and it might be true since their a penny auction. Worth you looking at least. Good luck!

  3. Still looking for Gorge tickets? I have two for each night that I'd gladly sell to you for face value.
    I do, however, have to add the "convenience charge" that I paid on each ticket, bringing the total to $60 apiece. In addition, I live in Colorado, so I'll have to mail them your way as soon as they arrive in my mailbox. I guarantee that I'm only trying to recover my costs, and as a devoted Phish fan myself, would love to see everyone get into the show for the price set by the band. Let me know if you're interested.

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  5. Hi Mike,
    I believe he is still interested. If you can send me your contact information to my email address...that would be great. Then he will be able to communicate with you. judith.helfand@gmail.com


  6. Hi, I am looking to sell phish tickets for the Gorge. I have 2 tickets for 8/7, and 2 tickets for 8/8. All or nothing unfortunately as I cannot break them up. If you are interested please email me nevinsjaredb@gmail.com.


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