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Thursday, February 5, 2009

What is Reiki and does it work?

Reiki is a Japanese technique used for healing, relieving stress and relaxation. It is done using ones 'life force energy' to raise another persons 'life force energy'. If someone is feeling stressed or un-happy, then their 'life force energy' is low.

Reiki is a natural and safe spiritual healing and self-improvement method that anyone can use. It has also shown to heal wounds not just moods (not scientifically of course).

I have been thinking about going to see someone that practices Reiki. I've been told this lady has helped decrease the size of a brain tumor. She also has helped with sports injuries such as sprained ankles and such.

My brother had suggested this to me since I need a hernia surgery and after talking to her on the phone, she said she can cure it but I'm just a bit skeptical on the idea of it working. I've never been to one but have been reading up on it and what they do is they hover their hands over the part that hurts and as Obi-Wan said it in Star Wars "Use the Force" to heal you.

Have you ever heard of Reiki or another form of herbal/spiritual healing that works?
If you have, have you tried it yourself?
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  1. Give it a shot Malik, what have you got to lose?
    Even placebos work 50% of the time!

  2. Go for it :) it works

  3. Hi! I practice reiki and I can tell you it works. It may feel a little silly having someone point their hands at you and tell you you'll get better (I used to be very skeptical at first), but it does help. The most impoortant thing is for you to relax and enjoy the treatment, pretend you are in a massage parlour and just let go COMPLETELY!

  4. Thanks. I already went through the hernia surgery last year. I did however tell my dad about Reiki and he's gone couple of times for his arthritis and it has helped him significantly. He tried taking herbal and prescription meds and when all else failed, Reiki did the job.

    I may not have gone through it but I am a true believer of Reiki.


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