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Monday, February 9, 2009

iPhone Geocaching with Groundspeak's Geocaching iPhone App

iPhone Geocaching with

Groundspeak's Geocaching iPhone Application

Geocaching is a global treasure hunting game where participants locate hidden containers, called geocaches, outdoors using GPS enabled devices and then share their experience online at http://www.geocaching.com/
iPhone Geocaching puts this sport in your pocket! 
Groundspeak's Geocaching iPhone Application Features:
  • Direct access to Geocaching.com's database of worldwide geocaches
  • Search by current location, address or lookup code
  • Access geocache details, including description, hint and recent logs
  • Save geocache listing for quick retrieval
  • Log geocache finds and post notes in the field
  • Filter your hides and finds from the Geocaching.com search results
  • Navigate to geocaches with a simulated compass arrow
  • Look up trackable item detail, including item goals, while on the trail
  • NEW Tweet your new iPhone Geocache finds thru Twitter! 
The Geocaching iPhone Application is available in Dutch, French German and Japanese language versions. Groundspeak's Geocaching Application is best supported by the iPhone 3G but it is also compatible with the iPod Touch and 1st generation iPhones. (USE THE FORCE LUKE!)
Please note: You will need Wi-Fi access for the application to work on the iPod Touch. Also, without GPS, compass navigation will not work on the 1st generation iPhone.

iPhone Geocaching How it works

The iPhone 3G uses a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi positioning and cell towers to determine your approximate location. Groundspeak's iPhone Application then queries the Geocaching.com database in real-time and provides a list of geocaches near you. The application can also geocode addresses, search using a location from your address book, or look up a geocache or trackable item by it's GC (Geocaching.com) code.

Ready to go iPhone Geocaching?
Hit the iTunes Store to download Groundspeak's Geocaching iPhone Application now!


  1. It should be worth mentioning that this is one of the more expensive apps at $9.99. I will still be printing off paper from my home computer to locate caches.

  2. It should also be worth noting that a dedicated GPS device is in the $100+ range. So $10 bucks is a deal to have paperless geocaching in your pocket at all times. Just Sayin..


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