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Thursday, January 15, 2009

XDA Developers released Google Android for WM

Google Android running on Windows Mobile deviceGoogle launched their G1 phone last year with the Android OS. Now you can get the Android OS on you Windows Mobile device without having to switch phones. XDA Developers, an online community that promotes tweaks and upgrades for your Windows Mobile device.

This isn't a hack of any sort. Its simply a Linux image running on Windows allowing you to launch Android. Best part is, unlike a ROM update from XDA Forums which replaces your Windows Mobile OS, you do not need to flash your device to run Google Android. A simple soft reset of your device (re-boot) will launch the Linux application.

Have you tried running Android on you Windows Mobile yet?

Learn how you can run Android on your Kaiser (ATT Tilt/8925)


  1. and windows mobile on htc magic (android)

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  3. Nice. Thanks for the update, haven't been following Windows Mobile and Android since I have switched over to the iPhone.


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