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Monday, January 12, 2009

Windows 7 Beta, Everything Windows Vista Should Have Been

Windows 7 Beta, Everything Windows Vista should have been.

On Friday Microsoft had intended to release its new OS Windows 7 as BETA to the 2.5 millions souls brave enough to try it out. Being that I am a "Beta Crash Test Dummy" I spent part of my day trying to get a key, trying to get the download started to no avail. Hey Microsoft can you say BIT TORRENT? Anyway, Saturday came and Big M decided to extend the beta download period to January 24 and removed the limit of 2.5 million copies they were planning on giving out.

Once I had my key in hand, downloaded the ISO and burned it to a DVD, We found that doing a clean install or an in place upgrade from Vista to be a breeze.

After we logged in, the "Beta" fish in the middle of our new desktop make both Lisa and myself laugh out loud. The ease of use, and clean feel of Windows 7 will be sure to make this new OS a hit, where Vista was a miss.

In a world of questionable betas, be sure to try out Windows 7.

This one is ready for prime time.


  1. How different is it from Vista? I didn't see that much that looked very different. Of course, I'm not a Vista user... Is performance significantly better?

  2. Performance is way better Aaron, went from a sluggish Vista Ultimate install to a very snappy Windows 7 install, I am sure mindtouch.com has to have an old box somewhere you can test this on, and hey it's FREE FREE FREE!!!


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