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Monday, December 15, 2008

Library of Human Imagination, Jay Walker's Amazing Space

Jay Walker, founder of Priceline.com and a speaker at TED, shares some the artifacts from his "Library of Human Imagination" and makes some predictions about our future. I for one would would love to be able to explore this incredible space created by Jay. Check out the full story about Jay Walkers Library of Human Imagination in Wired. What do you think was the most amazing thing you learned in 2008? Mind sharing with us?

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  1. I have run across a couple tidbits that I found really interesting regarding the printing press and its affect on the English language.

    1. Em dashes (long dash) and en dashes (short dash), have you ever wondered why these are named so ... The em dash originally took the length of the "m" and en dash the length of the "n".

    2. In England double quotation marks and single quotation marks have different usages. This originated in the colonies, as the lead was not as strong as in England the single quotes broken often and so were switched out for the more sturdy double quotes.


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