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Thursday, November 13, 2008

ATT Fuze (HTC Touch Pro)

HTC Raphael, ATT Fuze, Touch Pro
AT&T Announces the release of the Fuze (HTC Raphael 101). For those of you familiar with the Diamond that came out not too long know how the new HTC interface, HTC TouchFLO 3D, which is convenient and addicting to use.

Sprint released their version of the same device but kept the original name, Touch Pro. For the most part the devices are the same except Sprint's Touch Pro is running on a CDMA frequency and AT&T's Fuze is running on GSM (which can be used as a world phone by unlocking it).

Spring may have kept the name the same but AT&T kept everything else. RAM capacity on the Fuze is 288MB where as the Touch Pro by Sprint has 256MB (This could be because of the bloated software installed).

Both HTC devices allow you to watch TV, browse the internet, and even listen to XM radio via 3G network.

The best part is it has a 640 x 480 pixel resolution screen. Yes, a VGA screen on a Windows Mobile device. Has a 3MP camera on VGA screen that allows you to record videos as well; having a separate digital camera pointless.

This is quite an amazing phone starting at $300 with a contract (price is a bit high but should come down soon). If you like this, you’ll fall in love with HTC Touch HD (coming soon).

What do you think about the phone? iPhone competition or not quite?


  1. where did you get this info on the Sprint Touch Pro having 256MB, because when I check my phone it says 288MB.

  2. My mistake, originally the first batch that was released to Sprint had 256mb based on the data provided on pdadb.net. Data on that site has been updated to 288mb now.

    Have you used other HTC devices? How would you compare the Touch Pro to it? Trying to see if it's worth having the slide out keyboard in comparison to the HTC Diamond.


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