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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tungsten vs Other Metals for Wedding Bands

I'm looking for a wedding band I would like on my finger for the rest of my life. In doing some research online and in B&M stores, I've come to realize that Tungsten is quite the trend.

I found the best thing for me was to do a side by side comparison with all the metals.

White Gold
White Gold:Stronger than platinum, wear better than platinum and gold, scratches easily, and half the price of platinum.

Platinum: Expensive, better finish/color than White Gold, scratches very easily.
Titanium: VERY light weight (light as aluminum), strong (lasts longer than white gold and platinum). Durable and will never lose its color. Hypo allergic (good to know if you are allergic to certain metals such as gold, white gold, or platinum). Cannot be re-sized.

Very heavy metal. 4 to 5 times stronger than Titanium, cannot be re-sized Make sure to purchase a Cobalt Free Tungsten Carbide ring. Cobalt can react to your skin possibly causing your finger to turn green and the ring will form oxidation spots that cannot be removed or polished. Tungsten Carbide rings have a lifetime warranty; They cannot get scratched and will always look new. One way of knowing if it is a Tungsten Carbide is by looking for detailed carvings inside, if it has this then you might not want to buy it.

After having done all the research, I myself am leaning towards a Tungsten primarily because it always maintains a new scratch-free look.


  1. "Marriage is a wonderful institution, but who would want to live in an institution?" - Henry Mencken

  2. Take a look at Tungsten Carbide. I just got one; they cannot be scratched. Very heavy, not too expensive. Cool! May only be available online; I got mine from titaniumkay.com, this one:

    I am posting this comment. I received it from a very dear friend, Alden Globe.

  3. i have my black carbide tungsten ring and i got it with life time guarantee...
    you can also opt it as ur wedding ring... coz it is scratch resistant and thereby keep your memories for long time...



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