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Monday, September 8, 2008

Honda Civic GX, The Poster Child Of The Pickens Plan

In a recent TV spot from "the Pickens Plan" famous oilman T-Bone Pickens tells us how Iran is switching its vehicles to run on clean burning, abundant, Natural Gas. Next up at the Democratic and Republican conventions, Where our future leaders tell us that they too believe in clean burning natural gas.

Nice to see our major parties come to the same conclusion we did years ago, Lisa and I are the proud owners of a 2008 Honda Civic GX, and this in not our first CNG powered auto. We traded in our 2001 GX for this one after 200,000 miles.

Why should you care what your marketing team drives to get the milk? It is another example of where we were ahead of the curve, and yet another example of our full forward focus in action.

Does your business need help getting ahead of the curve? We can help.

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