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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Chrome - Google Fires a Shot in the Browser Wars

In the Google way, they announce this product with a comic book, but this is not about your kids going to Webkinz this is about how the internet has itself turned into the application, and Google gets it. Gmail, Calendar, Documents, Photo, RSS, and Vids should not be sitting on a computer in your office that, will break, may become infected with a virus, and finally will become obsolete in 18 months.

Click here to download Google chrome


  1. Been playing with it for a day now. Must say, Google Chrome is winning my heart little by little =)

    Being the first browser release from Google, bound to have flaws. First one noticed is on facebook. Not all the 'object oriented' applications work on it. Not 100% AJAX compatible.

  2. I found that I could not edit a google doc the way I could in FireFox.


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