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Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Battle for You: In the Age of Digital Convergence

The Battle for You In the Age of Digital Convergence

"Genuine intellectual curiosity is the attribute established brands need to be successful in the blogosphere."
- Geoffrey Moore

With every second that passes the world changes, something new and exciting is created or an idea is set into motion that will forever alter how human beings live their life and interact with each other. In the past sixty years a flood of, what would seem to most, irrational ideas have been used as stepping stones to create the most rational and useful technologies that we enjoy in our life. Radio started the information age, followed by television, and now the world world-wide-web; but, kindred spirits either join together or they kill each other, leaving yesterday's trend behind.

I believe the biggest complaint about television is the lack of interaction in every respect; both commercial and entertainment aspects of television have a human element missing. Human beings have a drive to be involved in everything they lay their eyes on. Internet has provided the ability for the consumer to have a say in what they see and do, the Internet is a means for people to be a part of a growing network with limitless possibilities. It was hard to see at first with the early Internet, but the possibility has always been there waiting to bloom; for a long time the Internet (WEB 1.0) was like T.V., it was just something to look at with many more channels. WEB 2.0 is a totally different ball game, we the people are the players and the umpires - It's About You!

Social Media is what the Internet is all about, a global village of people sharing ideas, information, and art. Not only individuals, business' (large and small) are working towards going interactive; through blogging and social networks the world is getting smaller and the possibilities are becoming greater. This revolution has forced television to jump on the train or be left behind; the fact is that people can meet their communication and entertainment needs from one central location. The Internet has given everyone a voice and audience to listen, companies can advertise, sell, and interact with the consumer in a way that T.V can't provide.

Today, your computer is a portal for all of your day to day media and communication tools to connect with the web. The time has come to join up with social networks and blog circles, this will increase your presence and network; whether for business or pleasure, I believe it will be worth your time to move with the Internet and not against it. Experience the world in the way that you want, at your desired pace; the Internet is no longer growing with you, transversely you're growing with the Internet. The Internet has already started anticipating your next move and remembers what you are interested in; your computer is no longer an extension of you, rather you are an extension of your computer!


  1. Thought provoking Dan, I would argue that the information age started with the printing press. I can look around to see we are all living in the future. When can I trade the GX in for my flying car?

  2. Well said. The analogy of the TV = Web 1.0 and one could say that DVR = Web 2.0. With a TV, you can only watch what's provided where as with a DVR, you can chose what and when you want to watch it. Of course the internet is much more, TV doesn't have anything of that nature...Yet.

  3. I think TV does Malik, Think Wii, PS3, or Apple TV. But is this TV on the internet? or the inet on Television?


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