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Monday, April 28, 2008

Spend Today Reading and Commenting

Read And Comment Day

Chris Brogan has declared Today. Monday, April 28th "Read and Comment" day. Instead of your typical post (or as well as), get out there and comment on some blogs. Contribute to their conversations. Find some good stuff and add to it.

Get out there and take part in the conversation.

You will be glad you did.


  1. I went and commented on my favorite podcasts blog,


    If you digg creative music you should subscribe to the FREE FREE FREE podcast.

  2. Great idea! I used to be a lurker but Twitter has pushed me to participate more in any type of community setting. Now it's on to comments.

    I normally do not comment on anything that I read and it's something that is going to change. I find that I gain a better understanding of what I read when I do make comments on a particular article.

    Off to make some more comments.

  3. Went on http://www.mindtouch.com/blog/2008/04/28/deki-wiki-seo-optimizations/

    gave my input and hopefully was helpful.

    Most blogs don't let you comment but still have some great content to read up on. Its more news in a given industry from the people.

  4. http://www.ppclab.com/2008/04/check-your-adwords-accounts-today/#comment-89

    I used this opportunity to see if other in my field of marketing were reacting the way I was regarding recent changes.


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