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Monday, April 14, 2008

Interview with Dallas Taylor

Dallas Taylor the drummer for Crosby Stills Nash & Young was kind enough to have Webconsuls come visit and take some video with our new "Flip" video camera. 6 min, 1 take, Dallas is a true professional.

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  1. Hi Dallas,

    Hello from Tucson AZ.

    Just saw the video. It's really awesome and every time I hear you speak, there is always a new gem mentioned that I never heard before.

    Hope you will produce many more of these, as they are truly inspirational.

    Best from Judy.

    Dennis Helfand

    PS: Happy Income Tax Day. Ykes!

  2. Just listened to the Dallas Taylor interview. Loved it! I owned a number of albums crediting drums to Dallas. Truly deja vu.


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