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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

E-Card Inspired by Twitter and James Buck

There's a new e-card you can send inspired by James Buck's timely use of Twitter. Send it to your loved ones.

Saved by Twitter

April 10, James Buck was going to head back home from a three-week assignment studying the Egyptian blogosphere.

"I was trying to take some photos of this small protest and trying to be very clear that I was not in the protest, It was very tense." - James Buck

As Buck tried to leave the protest in a taxi, He was chased and then detained by Egyptian police. As he was driven to the police station under the direction of the police, Buck was able to sent out a single-word message from his cell phone to his Twitter account: Arrested.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Turn up the Signal!

These go to 11

Today across the bloggispheir everyone from Seth Godin to Nate Ritter are bemoaning the problem of the signal to noise ratio going in the wrong direction.

Being that any social network is only as strong as the people who call it their own these posts got me thinking about something that has been running around in my head for some time. Twitter for me has become my Search Tool of choice. If I need a Guru, I can ask the folks who use twitter for help.

So, here is my idea, and it is far from new, Nate rightly called it "Pay it Forward", but let's also make it into a game!

We Twitter users LOVE games!

Got Twitter? Ask a question, get REAL answers from REAL people.

Then, Become the Guru and answer a question, want bonus points? answer 2 or more questions!

We could track thru hashtags, so

#1to1 would be 1 point,

Think this would work?

What else would you do to make Paying it Forward on Twitter fun?

Monday, April 28, 2008

Spend Today Reading and Commenting

Read And Comment Day

Chris Brogan has declared Today. Monday, April 28th "Read and Comment" day. Instead of your typical post (or as well as), get out there and comment on some blogs. Contribute to their conversations. Find some good stuff and add to it.

Get out there and take part in the conversation.

You will be glad you did.

Friday, April 25, 2008

How to keep "Bacon" from becoming "Spam"


Ok, so you have taken our advice and you have decided to dip your toes into the growing "Social Environment" on the internet. How do you keep the nudges, zombie attacks, and status updates (AKA BACON) from making your work or personal email box unmanageable?

That is EASY!

I sign up for all my new "Social accounts" with a gmail address I use for just for this reason. That way if an email comes into my work account I can be fairly certain that it will be "Ham" (Thanks to Gmail for Your Domain) and I should check to make sure it is not a fire that needs my immediate attention. Now if I see an email come to my "Social accounts gmail address" I can digg thru all the "Bacon" at my leisure.

Use this tip and your "Bacon" will never become your new "Spam"

Got a good tip that you would like to share with us?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

How to use RSS feeds to Save Time and Keep Up.

One of the best ways to keep on top of any topic is to start using RSS* feeds with Google Reader,

*Really Simple Syndication is a tool you can use to have information sent to you from the websites that you visit that have updated content, rather than having to go track that content down. Many Web sites, including Webconsuls, offer RSS as a way to have that information delivered directly to you.

Watch the above vid for a Really Simple Explanation of Using Really Simple Syndication.

Click here for the Webconsuls Blog RSS feed

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day, Be Kind To Your Mother.

Happy Earth Day, Wanted to share what we are driving, The Greenest Car of 2008.

The Honda Civic GX. Got $5.00 gas yet? You should take a look at this car.

(if you live in California or New York that is...)

Monday, April 21, 2008

View Youtube Vids in Higher-Quality Video When Available

Login with your http://www.youtube.com account, and go to

Account > More > Account, Video Playback Quality,

Set to "I have a fast connection. Always play higher-quality video when it's available."

And click save.

Above is a short video we put together for Saco River Canoe & Kayak Adventures trips in New Hampshire & Maine's White Mountains, notice how much better the higher quality version looks?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Excellence then, is not an act.

@DallasWTaylor and @DarinRMcClure iPhone photo by @LisaMcClure

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle,
or Getting your head around Twitter.

Ok, you just got twitter and you are completely lost as to what to do with it.

First, follow some people with your interests, you can do a search or use twitter tracking to find the buzz from people with your interest who are already using Twitter. (A "How-to" for another blog post, this walk thru is about using Twitter via the web.)

We all start our day at home and that is as good a place as any to start your day twittering.


Here you will see a "Recent" tab, these are messages from the people that you follow and this is where you are at at Twitter when you are at home.

Next you will see a "Replys" Tab, these are messages the have been made by other Tweeters that reference you in some way, a reply or a remark, @DarinRMcClure would be about me for instance.

The "Archive" tab would be everything that you have publicly posted on Twitter, and a great way to see where your were, or what you were doing on any given day.

I like to tweet cool quotes, or links that I want to be able to check at leisure, and this is where we get to the Meat of Twitter,

"What are you doing?"

A good way to let your friends know you are online and checking into twitter, is to just say hello.

I see tweets that range from "another great day, or good morning, or COFFEEEEEE!!!!" Ok, I do all the coffee tweets ...

Don't miss your direct messages,


And as this is a conversation, reply to your replies,


Then go back "Home" since you only followed "Groovy People" you should see some interesting to REMarkable things in your public timeline, from Haiku's on the smell of the person in front of you at FiveBucks, to classic rockers coaxed out into the twitterverse.

Want to really have fun, get your family on twitter, friends, coworkers. You will get to know them in ways that you may never have before. Who got fresh powder in Utah, Who is competing in an around the world adventure for charity, who is stuck in traffic, or thinking about a great new mashup.

Got twitter?

Spend the next 21 days playing with it, and you may.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Twittering with Dallas Taylor

Dallas Taylor on Twitter

Spent the day yesterday helping Dallas get his feet wet with Twitter.

Cheryl Jasperblu @dallaswtaylor 1st, here's to BillW. 2nd, a CSN compadre on twitter?! Really?! *swoon*
Kristal Kraft KrisTalk @DallasWTaylor Thanks for the free music! I really like it! :)
Doug Haslam DougH @dallaswtaylor Also curious- what got you onto Twitter?
Doug Haslam DougH @dallaswtaylor Glad to see you on Twitter, and curious about the new tunes!
videodred videodred @DallasWTaylor I really love the tunes... keep on keepin on...
RichardatDELL RichardatDELL @DallasWTaylor @infiltrators @jamarch @GiannaBorgnine @bbrooks @webb thanks for follow and Ill do same. Looking forward to hearing from you
Paul Chaney pchaney @DallasWTaylor - I'll spread the word.
Paul Chaney pchaney @DallasWTaylor - some cool tunes. Enjoying them. Thanks.
GraemeThickins GraemeThickins @DallasWTaylor - my pleasure - it's great to meet you! (Tweet you?)... :-) will check out your new stuff for sure....
LewisG LewisG @DallasWTaylor Have you created a Facebook page. Your new stuff could reach many more folks if you did. If you have one, let me know.
Mark Romano LemonLaw @DallasWTaylor That's very brave of you. How do people who need you help find you?
LewisG LewisG @DallasWTaylor One of the great albums ever. 1977, I think. Wish more folks tapped into Delaney. Others remember you as well.
LewisG LewisG @DallasWTaylor Just shared with my followers. Were you on the elaney & Bonnie & friends album?
who2one who2one @DallasWTaylor wish i cud quit my day job!!!!! as for the link its still downloading.
Stuart MacDonald stuartma @dallaswtaylor Wonderful to have you in here. CSN = magic. Sharing your story honestly on YouTube is great http://is.gd/5Ci
LewisG LewisG @DallasWTaylor I just heard first 2 cuts. Killer! You still got it, Man! Am telling other Twitterers about it.
Tom Royce TomRoyce @DallasWTaylor Thanks for the follow. Been a fan of your work for years.
Mark Romano LemonLaw @DallasWTaylor Do you work with teen drug users, or adult alcoholics? (I assume they have different sets of problems)
Matt Herzberger mherzber @DallasWTaylor i saw the video Darin shoot, it was great, and thanks for new album, i told my dad (ex-hippy) about you, he was stoked
Alex de Carvalho alexdc @DallasWTaylor Good luck, man http://youtube.com/dallaswt... (ex-drummer of Crosby, Stills & Nash)

Mark Romano LemonLaw @DallasWTaylor Interesting stuff. What are you up to, in general?
Paul Chaney pchaney @DallasWTaylor - I'm stoked that you'd choose to follow me. CSN&Y (less excited about Y, :->) was one of my favorite bands.
KeithBurtis KeithBurtis @DallasWTaylor , thanks for the tweet follow :)
Paul Chaney pchaney @DallasWTaylor is following me. He was the drummer for a little known rock band...Crosby, Stills and Nash. Oh yea, Young too.
Paul Chaney pchaney @DallasWTaylor - Thanks for the follow Dallas.
ChrisKauza ChrisKauza @ DallasWTaylor Thanks for connecting here; take it easy...(but take it).
gj acomputerpro @DallasWTaylor so pleased to have you as a Twitterbud. I'm a big fan of CSN&Y. I shall be entertained by your music, and entertain you back.
Kyle Kratky BraceKyle @DallasWTaylor hello, new Twitter friend. Your mission is a noble one. Keep up the important work.
M. Level mlevel @DallasWTaylor: Great work on Deja Vu--glad you're still doing it!

He had a great time connecting with everyone and was stoked to get all the nice comments from the folks in the Twitterverse,

Did you follow Dallas for your free gift?

Are you trying to get your head around Twitter?

We can help.