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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Google Sky - Now in Google Earth

Google again in the news with Google sky, a new feature in Google Earth. Stargazers in the family are going to love this one. Google continues to bring innovative and fun products to the marketplace. What makes it even nicer on the pocket book is that they are giving these tools away for free.

To use Google Sky, open Google Earth 4.2 and click "Switch to Sky" in the "View" Menu, or just click the "Sky" button in the Google Earth toolbar. You can do all the fun things you do in Google Sky that you can do in Google Earth, Like Zooming in and out, Dragging around the stars, Search for your favorite planet, Galaxy or other far flung corner of the known Universe.

With Google Sky, Google has successfully brought together a millenia of human knowledge in one easy to use location.

Way to go Google.

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