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Friday, July 27, 2018

A Custom Attorney Directory

Welcome to Feature Friday. 

A Custom DUI Attorney Directory 

Today we’re featuring our custom design and development of California DUI Lawyers Association

This client wanted a custom, user friendly directory of DUI attorneys in California. The goal of the website was to create a space where:

  1. People could find DUI attorneys in their area, review their profiles and credentials and click through directly to their website. 
  2. DUI attorneys could sign up for the association and directory seamlessly through the website and pay annual fees. 
  3. DUI attorneys could fill out and upload their profile using a custom, user friendly platform. Attorneys could post, learn about and sign up for association events. 

Clean and User Friendly 

The result was a clean, modern design with clear call to actions, a search feature and an interactive map for those seeking an attorney and a seamless process for attorneys to join and post and learn about professional development events.

Here is a list of custom development features:

- A custom responsive website design
- A custom content management system (CMS) with administrative access
- A custom user interface (UI) for attorneys
- A dynamic search map
- Ad management
- User management
- Custom reports for individual attorneys
- Attorney directory management
- A custom search feature
- An event management tool
- A membership payment system
- Dynamic email template management

Did we say “custom” enough? I think so.

Timeline and Process 

This project took 12 weeks to complete, from inception to going live after testing. Our process is time tested and efficient - we know how to get down to the details, predict and avoid snags and roadblocks, provide mock ups that reflect the vision of the client and incorporate it all into an unmatched, user friendly, lead generating directory.

If you’re looking to build a custom legal directory website but have stalled because it seems like too much of an undertaking, we know what to do - we’re the digital team you've been looking for. To start your project email us at info@webconsuls.com or call us at 949-701-4714.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

LegitScript Standards and Off-Site Linking

Legit Script

For those treatment centers that have been certified by LegitScript - congratulations!

For those that are still applying, listen up.  

We’re finding that one of the most overlooked standards listed in their certification standards is #10. 

It states:

Applicant must disclose all physical properties and corporate entities under its control and/or to which it refers participants. Any such properties or entities that provide addiction treatment services must also adhere to these standards. 

Digitally, this means that approved centers may not link to any other treatment centers who are not LegitScript certified from their website, as it is considered “referring.” This means centers can’t link to a.) centers that are sub or sister brands of a facility that haven’t also been certified and b.) any treatment center in the US who they have linked to for a variety of reasons who are not LegitScript Certified.

Why They Aren’t Allowing Outbound Links to Uncertified Centers 

This certification standard prevents a certified treatment center from running ads on behalf of or for an uncertified treatment center. For example, if treatment center A is certified and their friends at treatment center B are not, they could feasibly get a kickback by directing their Adwords traffic via linking to the uncertified center.

What this means for your website, PageRank and SEO? 

All centers who are or want to be certified can use this tool to see their outbound links. Centers who have applied or will apply to be certified should remove links to centers who are not LegitScript certified. You can see certified centers by using the website legitimacy search tool on their website. 

When pruning links, you may lose some inbound links to your website, especially if they were reciprocal links. This may impact your PageRank, so be sure to create a new link building strategy to maintain the volume of quality inbound links. This strategy can include getting links from parallel industries, individual practitioners and online industry publications while also making sure you’ve taken advantage of all local and general citations.


What do you think of this standard? We think it is a smart standard hedging against any unscrupulous players trying to survive in the new - and hopefully improved - landscape of internet advertising in this industry. Feel free to reach out with any questions or tips on your outbound/inbound linking strategy.

Friday, February 23, 2018

5 Social Trends to Expect In 2018


Social media went through its fair share of changes in 2017. Instagram Stories proved they’re here to stay. Twitter raised the character limit from 140 to 280. Snapchat went public.

Platforms launch trendy, cutting-edge features left and right, and they affect users and brands equally. So what kind of social media trends can we expect to see throughout 2018?

1. An Increase In Instagram Stories

Since its launch in August 2016, Instagram Stories has acquired more than 200 million monthly users. That’s 50 million more users than Snapchat! By the end of 2018, experts project that almost half of all Instagram users will be using Stories, so there’s a sense of urgency for brands to perfect their Instagram Stories strategy.

2. More Investment In Messaging Platforms

Last year Facebook released Messenger Bots, and Walmart rolled out voice-activated shopping through Amazon Echo’s Alexa and Google Home. Although brands have been slow to jump on the messaging bandwagon, in 2018 they’re slated to invest more resources into connecting with consumers via messaging platforms, chatbots and voice assistants.

It will be interesting to see how brands employ WhatsApp, in particular, which has more than 900 million active monthly users. The app is especially popular in international markets, making it one of the most popular mobile social apps in the world. So far it seems to have caught on more with product-based brands, but it shows promise as valuable platform to provide support and feedback and communicate information blasts--useful tools for any industry.

3. Lots of Live Streaming

What once seemed like a short-lived novelty is now an effective way for brands to connect with followers. Live streaming has proven its status as a social media mainstay. As more brands try to harness the power of live streaming, it will become a more common component in marketing strategies.

4. An Emphasis On Gen Z

Gen Zers, the oldest of whom are 22 years old, are now considered more valuable to organizations than millennials. The eldest contingent of Gen Z is just joining the workforce and commanding more attention than ever. They’re critical of major brands, money-conscious and 60% more likely than the average consumer to hang up the phone if it’s not answered within 45 seconds. Brands have no choice but to step up their customer service and authenticity.

And Gen Z is online. Gen Z-ers spend an average of 4 hours and 10 minutes a day using a mobile device, so we’re more likely to see brands utilizing the social networks they love, like Instagram and Snapchat.

5. The Continued Rise of Influencer Marketing

An influencer is a social media user who has established clout and credibility in a specific niche. It’s hard to scroll through any social media feed without encountering an influencer of two, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere in 2018 because 94% of marketers find influencer marketing to be effective. Traditional marketing strategies just aren’t resonating with consumers like they used to, and influencer marketing offers a more meaningful way to connect.

It can be challenging to integrate cutting-edge social trends into your long-term strategy, especially for small businesses that are often more concerned with the day-to-day than the big picture. If you lack the bandwidth to keep your social strategy current, Webconsuls can help. We specialize in social media optimization and create strategies for businesses that generate leads and increase brand awareness. Contact us to learn more about how we can help design a social strategy that keeps your business up to speed in 2018 and beyond.